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31 August 2016

Invitation to Submit Action Proposals: Announcement of Results

The Strategy Committee of the act4Greece program announces that the assessment procedure for proposals for new actions to be included in the crowdfunding platform submitted under the 1st Public Invitation of 11 April 2016 has been completed.

There was considerable interest in the program and the many actions met the participation requirements; of these, a total of eleven (11) actions were selected, which come under three (3) of the four (4) eligible action areas.

Specifically, three (3) initiatives under the Welfare, Health & Solidarity action area were selected, three (3) initiatives under the Research, Education & Training action area and five (5) initiatives under the Culture & Cultural Entrepreneurship action area. The actions will be gradually posted on the act4Greece platform within the following months.

The table below lists the initiatives selected, by action area and implementing agency.


Action Implementing Agency Action Description

Research, Education & Training

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens YouGoCulture. Interactive virtual tours around Greece.

Research, Education & Training

Hellenic Book Club

to create quality lending libraries for schools in Greece


Research, Education & Training

Ministry of Education, Research & Religious Affairs to create Open Technology Labs (“edulabs”) in public schools

Culture & Cultural Entrepreneurship

Diazoma to conduct a study for the restoration of the Ancient Theater of Kassope

Culture & Cultural Entrepreneurship

Theatro Neou Kosmou solidarity theater for children

Culture & Cultural Entrepreneurship

National Theater of Northern Greece

to carry out restoration work and repairs to the theater infrastructure of the Theatro Dassous (Forest Theater)


Culture & Cultural Entrepreneurship Lyceum Club of Greek Women to preserve and protect the Lyceum’s folk costume collection – disseminate knowledge about Greek traditional costumes – construct a special wardrobe/costume storage facility with a view to protecting the folk costume collection
Culture & Cultural Entrepreneurship Platform– Cultural Events & Promotion of Urban Culture to organize the International Animation Festival + Agora 9.0 and support the Animasyros #tour16/17

Welfare, Health & Solidarity

Amymone – Hellenic Association of Parents of People with Vision Problems and Additional Disabilities to create a model children’s playground for children with vision problems and additional disabilities

Welfare, Health & Solidarity

Mission: Anthropos to provide free medical and pharmaceutical care to people in need and with no access to the National Health System

Welfare, Health & Solidarity

Cerebral Palsy Greece to purchase a school bus for people with cerebral palsy



The act4Greece Committee